Jan 31

Getting ready to go to football. I am struggling to find a balance between layers of clothes required and ability to move. I wonder why I am doing this?

Jan 30

The daffodils are bursting through believing that winter is over. The snowdrops and crocus remain cautious, despite the mild winter, sensing that nature is preparing for a final counter attack.

Jan 29

A piece of modern technology in matt black lies on the desk. It’s sexy and smart with more computing power than the Apollo space missions. Only one problem; the bloody thing doesn’t work. I picture Neil Armstrong sat in his lunar module drumming his fingers as he listens to Adele whilst waiting for an operator on the Helpdesk.

Jan 28

Forward delete, backwards delete. Today’s small stone will not come and darkness is falling.

Jan 27

The sun is shining for the first time in a week. I emerge back into the world. There are so many things to do yet no energy to do them.

Jan 26

I snatch at sleep all day and all night, hot then cold. My back and shoulders ache. I move around from position to position trying to get comfortable.

Jan 25

Head thumping, shoulders aching, nose blocked, skin itching, legs cold, feet freezing. Mind numb, no direction, wrong direction. Grey day, grey mood.

Jan 24

Early morning trip to Tesco turns out to be anything but quiet. Difficult to move and think for shelf stackers, home shoppers and cleaners; a supermarket run for everyone but the customers that visit.

Jan 23

Back up disk flickers and whirrs on desk next to computer. Our work, photographs and memories transformed into a bewildering array of 1s and 0s.

Jan 22

The big game on TV. Bacon sizzling, coffee brewed, anticipation high.